Multimodality Technology

Multimodality refers to the three novel technologies integrated into one OCT platform, which are Index of Plaque Attenuation technology for plaque stability assessment, Virtual Flow Ratio technology for functional severity assessment of coronary stenosis and Intelligent Calcium Assessment technology for calcium severity. Single OCT pullback could obtain multimodal assessment results without extra consumables and procedure time.

Innovative Features for Clinical Needs     Full View Mode  High definition Mode  Super Fast Mode   Complete an ultra-long pullback of Complete an ultra HD scan ofCompelte a super fast pullback length of    80mm within 2 seconds 55mm within 2.75 seconds40mm in 1 second   Auto-Calculation of Neointimal CoverageIntelligent Evaluation of BRSAuto-Calculation of Neointimal Coverage Immediate implantation evaluation forto provide guidance for DAPT (dual antiplatelet therapy) adjustmentbioresorbable scaffolds (BRS) ACR (angiographic co-registration with OCT)Auto Quantitative Assessmentfor Bifurcation LesionsShorten OCT learning curve ,Predict risk of side branch occlusion,reducing procedure time & volume of contrastadopting optimal strategy for bifurcation lesions

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Frame rate (fr/s)


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Product:Intravascular Imaging System


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